Monday, November 28, 2011

Women carry a mini version of their houses

Do you have a special bond with your handbag? It is said that we "inhabit" in our handbags, to quote an article from moreintelligentlife magazine (published by the Economist).  I have become a fan of this new publication ever since I saw an insert in the Economist magazine a couple of weeks ago. The articles have a more "feminine" angle in general than its sibling as evidenced by this handbag article but not lacking in eloquence nonetheless.
It has been known for men to marvel at the amount women carry in their handbags. Men have pockets; they put a wallet in one, a diary in another, a phone and keys in a third, and think they are ready to go. But are they able to supply, at a moment’s notice, sticking plasters? Travel-sickness pills? A magnifier? Reusable shopping bags? A tape measure? Decaffeinated tea? (These are real examples from my own bag, but I don’t mean to boast.) Isn’t it obvious that to multi-task you need multi-tools? Men carry round a mini version of their desks; women carry a mini version of their houses.
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