Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Track 2012 with a list

Over the years, I have kept various sorts of "lists" to track of my purchases, cost per wear etc. They were in Excel files, PowerPoint decks, or written notes.  I'm attempting this new format for 2012, keeping it visible on this blog to have an inventory of 2012 purchases with price information and date of purchases (link here 2012 Purchases).  As I browse my bloglists daily, I'll also be reminded of what I have purchased so far with the hope that I'll be ever improving in making satorial choices.

I don't have a particular limit on the number of items to buy this year.  My goal is to make better choices.  That's it.  No floor, no ceiling, no complicated rules or restrictions.   Obviously I have to define what is indeed "better" for me, which means understanding my comfort zone, my life style, my aspirations.  This is the process I'm happy to embrace this year: examine, evaluate and make adjustment accordingly.

P.s. I deleted the 2012 purchases list accidentally but I have created the visual "list" for Q1.  I will update quarter by quarter. 


  1. What a neat idea! Definitely something I should look into!

  2. I've noticed you have a closet inventory link to the side - so awesome! I have been trying to put together my inventory and it is so hard! I just can't find the time.

    Your Track 2012 list is brilliant too. I think I need to do this myself!

    Love love both ideas :)

  3. I love the closet inventory link- what a great way to track and wear what you love. I adore your bag collection.

  4. Danielle/Catssaymeow/Lindsay: Thanks for your comments. I have not finished the inventory list yet. The complete list is going to be longer than I wanted to see (a self-claimed minimalist-want-to-be) but I'm looking forward to bettering "the" list :-)