Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fall and winter additions

2012 purchases second half of the year

2012 purchases second half of the year by aquagenie

For the second half of this year, my best find goes to the √Čtoile Isabel Marant blazer from Barneys Coop.  It was part of the summer collection but the material is appropriate for all season wear.   That purchase led me to the realization that the v-shaped neckline  really works for my shape and hence another purchase of a similar cut blazer from Theory. 

Almost all of the items are black or navy (:-) ) but these are after all staples (or replacement to staples) in my work wardrobe.   I really look forward to wearing these day in and day out (some of them I already have). 

The IM blazer has been extremely versatile.  I normally wear it to work with a black blouse and black pants. However it can be worn on weekends for a dressy casual look.  See the ensemble below from net-a-porter team:

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Summer purchases

Summer purchases

Summer purchases by aquagenie featuring relaxed fit pants

See complete list of purchases and brands info on the side bar page for "2012 Purchases"

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spring Purchases

2012 Q1 Purchases

2012 Q1 Purchases by aquagenie

I did not expect to be such a prolific shopper in the first three months of the year but somehow I managed to assemble the above 12 items plus a DKNY winter coat that was not depicted.   The items I bought which are slightly different from depicted are:
3.  I bought a Banana Republic version of this jacket
6.  I bought a Zara version of the shirt
10.  Mine is in gray/blueish leather but in the same cut
11. I asked my jewler to re-set my diamond earrings back to studs similar to pictured

In the spirit of self examination, I have not included three items that I purchased and donated to charity this year.  They were a Covet coat that was a tad too small (but bought on final sale), and two white dress shirts.  Lessen learned: do not buy things on final sale no matter what the price tag says (if it does not fit, a dollar spent is a dollar wasted).  Another observation is white dressy shirts are not for me. I simply don't feel myself wearing them either alone or under a jacket in the office.  However, I do feel at ease with casually cut white shirts, such as item 6 (which makes wonderful pairings with jeans and other casual items in the summer).

My favorate acquisition is probably the leather Gap jacket (#10) in their vintage 1969 denim jacket cut, which is a surprise find at the Gap.  I have been going to Gap only for their GapBody stuff but was amazed to find a good quality leather jacket with soft leather and no leather smell what so ever!  The Zara pants (#7) makes the favorite list too.  Overall it has the skinny jeans look with zippers at the bottom of the legs.  The fabric is of medium thickness which can be worn spring/fall and summer.  Items 1 to 4 are some basics from Uniqlo.  The breton tops are of fairly good quality with woven in stripes (not painted on).  I will consider doing a look back / review post on these items after I have broken them in. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Track 2012 with a list

Over the years, I have kept various sorts of "lists" to track of my purchases, cost per wear etc. They were in Excel files, PowerPoint decks, or written notes.  I'm attempting this new format for 2012, keeping it visible on this blog to have an inventory of 2012 purchases with price information and date of purchases (link here 2012 Purchases).  As I browse my bloglists daily, I'll also be reminded of what I have purchased so far with the hope that I'll be ever improving in making satorial choices.

I don't have a particular limit on the number of items to buy this year.  My goal is to make better choices.  That's it.  No floor, no ceiling, no complicated rules or restrictions.   Obviously I have to define what is indeed "better" for me, which means understanding my comfort zone, my life style, my aspirations.  This is the process I'm happy to embrace this year: examine, evaluate and make adjustment accordingly.

P.s. I deleted the 2012 purchases list accidentally but I have created the visual "list" for Q1.  I will update quarter by quarter.