Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fall and winter additions

2012 purchases second half of the year

2012 purchases second half of the year by aquagenie

For the second half of this year, my best find goes to the Étoile Isabel Marant blazer from Barneys Coop.  It was part of the summer collection but the material is appropriate for all season wear.   That purchase led me to the realization that the v-shaped neckline  really works for my shape and hence another purchase of a similar cut blazer from Theory. 

Almost all of the items are black or navy (:-) ) but these are after all staples (or replacement to staples) in my work wardrobe.   I really look forward to wearing these day in and day out (some of them I already have). 

The IM blazer has been extremely versatile.  I normally wear it to work with a black blouse and black pants. However it can be worn on weekends for a dressy casual look.  See the ensemble below from net-a-porter team:

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